Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rockwall Quilt Shop - Amazingly Friendly

Sis and I went to Texas Quiltworks in Rockwall, TX yesterday. Laurie had told me about this shop, and since I always enjoy a drive down 205, I was raring to go. The shop is less than 20 miles from my house so I knew it would be a great trip for Sis and me to get to spend some time together, and not keep her out too long, plus she was looking for some fabric.

I really enjoyed my visit to this shop. The gals there were so friendly. I talked with Judy about the machine quilting class she teaches, and I will definitely be setting up a time to take that class as soon as the boys are out of school.

Like most of the quilt shops in downtown areas I wish there was more light in the building, but they had terrific fabrics, patterns and notions. They were very nice about answering my questions and explaining some techniques to me. To date, I think they are the friendliest shop I have been in. I'm ready to go back.

After that stop we went to the Blue Ribbon in Wylie, where Sis found the perfect fabric for what she is working on. The Blue Ribbon is my favorite when it comes to light in their spaces. Plus I just love the building itself. I love the way they have worked with the stage area and the large brick wall.

Perfect short quilt hop for me.

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