Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Craft Day

Another Craft Day at Mama C's today.

Queen J finished piecing her quilt top for the Ft. Hood soldiers.

L worked on M's scarf.

M had to go to a post wedding shower, but was here for the start and finish of Craft Day.

I worked on the turtle quilt.

L finished the most beautiful scarf in the world and gave it to me as an early birthday gift.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Just a Baby Quilt"

I saw some thread on an internet site that would be perfect for the baby quilt I am making, but do not know the brand and the few quilters I asked do not know it either, so I went out today looking for thread.

The first quilt shop had very helpful ladies working, but very small thread selection so they suggested a second store. I have had a bad experiences with the second store, but they have moved to a new location and it was close so I decided to try them again.

They did greet me when I entered, which was new as they had ignored me in the past. They did not have a very big thread selection, but they had something close to what I wanted in a brand I did not know. I went to the front desk and explained the project and asked if the thread I had picked out was appropriate. The sales clerk explained the thread to me and said it would work on the quilt. I went on to ask her if she had any like the one I saw on the internet. She said "No, and what did it matter, it was "just" a baby quilt."

I wanted to tell her that it was more than "just a baby quilt," but instead I paid for the thread and left.

I don't consider any quilt I make to be "just." I put love and care into each one. I put a lot of thought into the fabric choices, pattern, and the person. I do not know the parents of the baby I am making the baby quilt for but the baby's grandmother is very dear to me. I would never give her grandchild a "just" quilt.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby Quilt, If Grandma Approves Fabric

A very dear friend recently became a grandma. I offered to make a baby quilt for her grandson.

It just so happened that she gave me some fabric that had been the baby's great-grandmother's and I am going to try to use that for the sashing.

The pattern grandma picked out:

The fabrics: