Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thimbles and More Thimbles

My fingers have really been sore from all the hand quilting on the Turtle Quilt so I went to Quilt Country on Friday to get a variety of thimbles to see if they would help.

I bought a Clover Protect and Grip, a leather one with a deep dimpled end, and an UnderThimble.

I used all three of them this weekend and my fingers are much better. The UnderThimble helped a lot, and I cannot make up my mind between the Clover thimble and the leather one, so I switch between them each time I move the hoop.

I have completed one and a half sides of the border and I am very hopeful to finish this quilt soon, but obviously did not make my end of February deadline.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Turtle Quilt Update

I am finally on the last border of the Turtle Quilt. It is off the frame and back into the hoop. There is still a lot to do. This is a wide border and there is a lot of details to quilt.

I have been working on it so much that my fingertips are numb and they wake me up at night tingling. The other night I woke up and I was trying to pull my thimble off my finger, even though I had taken my thimble off hours before.

I do dread the fact that it going up to the dorm room when it is finished and taking on that dorm room smell, but I did make it for my youngest.

My goal is still to be finished by the end of February.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

BFF on her Second Quilt

My BFF is working on her second quilt. It is a Christmas quilt for her sister. She is doing a beautiful job.

Her sister likes Old World Santas so this quilt has a O.W. Santa panel in the middle surrounded by beautiful borders, both pieced and stripped. She is hand quilting the details on the panel and will be doing some stitch in the ditch on the smaller borders and then maybe a holly leaf on the outside larger border.

Good job J!