Thursday, May 14, 2009

Impressed with Thousands of Bolts

I placed my order with Thousands of Bolts on May 7th. My order arrived on May 9th even though I only paid for their cheapest mailing rate.

The fabric was packed nicely in the mailing envelope and the quality of the material was very nice.

The only caveat for anyone wishing to order from there or any internet fabric shop is that sometimes the colors are not exactly like they look on the computer. I loved the fabric, I was just surprised by a couple of pieces. One piece was not the color I expected at all, but if I had paid closer attention I would have noticed the order number and seen that it was not the color I thought it was, not that it matters, it is still beautiful.

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Loni said...

you have a fabric stash like I have a yarn stash... i need to get mine organized.. so many skeins and projects in queue... now if I could just win the lotto big so i don't have to work for a living.