Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Everything Quilts

Everything Quilts has some great quilt kits. Here are a few of my favorites.

I would never make this one, but I think it is gorgeous.

For BFF Jill

Mamma A's Good Luck Coin Purse

L and M are taking Mamma A out for her birthday on Saturday and a trip to the casino is part of the plan. I could not let Mamma A go to the casino without a good luck coin purse when M has one, and L has a gift card purse that can be used as one, it just did not feel right to me, so I made her one this weekend. I made sure Mamma A had a lucky spot to rub.

The inside quilt stitching is not very pretty since I was outlining the outside fabric features, but I don't think Mamma A will care.



Outside Fabric

Inside Fabric

I hope it brings her lots of luck.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Are My Thimbles Flying?

I recently purchased three new thimbles, all different brands, all the same size, and all just a little snug.

I have quilted with all three this week and have just been stitching right along and quite happy with each thimble. It is the first time I have actually had thimbles that felt good on my finger and seemed to actually help me quilt. I have been patting myself on my back for making such great choices.

Because the quilting has been going so well this week I was really looking forward to quilting tonight, so imagine my surprise when I put one of my new thimbles on and went to pick up my needle and the thimble went flying across the room. Okay, so I must have been a little more enthusiastic than I thought when picking up the needle.

Rather than getting up and picking up the thimble, I put on another of my three new thimbles. It fell off. I put it back on, it fell off.

I put on my third new thimble. It stayed on, but felt loose. I started quilting. It was awkward. The thimble was too loose. I had to hold my hand odd to keep the thimble on. I could not figure out what was going on.

I got out one of my old thimbles. It fell off.

I finally had to give up quilting for the night.

I guess I am going to have to pick up some thimbles in a smaller size so that when my fingers are having "thin" days I can quilt.

It is very frustrating when your thimbles fly.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kaleidoscope Quilts by Paula Nadelstern

Paula Nadelstern makes amazing kaleidoscope quilts. I cannot imagine being this being this talented.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Finally A Decent Needle for Hand Quilting - For Me

My instructor had warned us that we would have to try different needles to get one that just "felt" right, and I have to say I have been trying a lot of brands and sizes but none of them have had the "just right" feeling.

Tonight I have been quilting with the Jeana Kimball's Foxglove Cottage Betweens Size 10 that I bought over the weekend. I really like their strength and size. What a difference they have made in my stitches.

I am hopeful that my hunt for the "right" needle is over, but I won't know until I have used the needle for a few more days, and even if this is not the "one and only needle" it is better than what I was using.

Artful Bras Project - for Breast Cancer Awareness

"Sis" sent me this link showing the one-of-a-kind bras for Breast Cancer Awareness created by the members of the Quilters of South Caroline. What a fun project for a great cause.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stash Buster Quilts by Lynne Edwards

We stopped at Half Price Books in McKinney, TX yesterday and they had several new "used" books in their quilt collection. I looked at several but only purchased "Stash Buster Quilts" by Lynne Edwards.

I really did not need another quilt book at this time, but there were a couple of patterns in this book I just really wanted in my collection. There was one in particular that might be good for some very odd fabrics that called to me but I am not sure what to do with now that they are in my stash.

Lesson Learned re Traveling/Quilting

Spring Break, 2009, was really the first vacation I have taken since I started quilting. The one thing I did not do when preparing for my trip was to research quilt stores in the areas I would be traveling through. Therefore, I only found one, and it was by accident. I saw it on the highway as we were going to Arkansas, and told the boys that we would be stopping there on the way back, and we did.

The store is called Sew Fantasy Quilts and Fabrics and is located in Texarkana, Texas. It was a smaller shop than some of the ones in this area, but they had some beautiful fabric in stock, and the quilts on the walls were very nice. I was not in the market for any fabric, but I did need some new needles.

I purchased 3 vials of Jeana Kimball's and Foxglove Cottage Betweens/Quilting size 10, a safety thimble, and one of those gel thimbles that seem so popular now in green (of course).

The boys got tickled by the sexy fireman fabric they had on sale. I had seen the camping one, but not the firemen. Of course, the youngest knew about this fabric from the article he had read in one of my quilting magazines.

The ladies in this shop were very nice, and I enjoyed talking to one of the customers.

I am glad I at least got to go to one shop while I was on vacation. I have already added a quilt shops list to my list of things that I must have when I go on vacation.

Progress on Turtle Quilt

I took the turtle quilt on Spring Break vacation with me and finished quilting four blocks. All the interior blocks are completed and I am now working on the outside blocks.

I was excited to get so much done.

I did not quilt every night, because some nights I was just too tired, plus I wanted to read on the new Wally Lamb book "The Hour I First Believed."

The recliner at the rental house was perfect for quilting. The lighting was not great, but I loved the chair. It was wider than the one I have at home, and there wasn't a big metal wire sticking out of once side so it was easier to manipulate the quilt in my lap.

I had hoped to finish this quilt by the end of March. I know believe it will be the end of May before I can finish it, but that is okay. I am happy with my progress, and since my BFF is being so patient about her quilt, there is no stress. Isn't that how it should be with a hobby?