Saturday, May 23, 2009

My BFF and I Made Pillowcases!

Today I got to spend the entire day with my BFF.

We started out with lunch at Taste of Home in Wylie, where we could not decide what to eat. We ended up sharing a smoked turkey wrap and a swiss and ham quiche. Delicious.

Our next stop was the Blue Ribbon Quilt Shoppe in Wylie, where they are having a wonderful sale. We both bought fabric. I bought Christmas fabric that was 50% off. She bought fabric for pillowcases.

After a beautiful drive to Rockwall we stopped in at Texas Quiltworks, where I had a wonderful conversation with the owner, Judy Hall. I signed up to take her beginning machine quilting class, and she showed me how to prepare my Blooming Nine Patch for quilting. She was very patient with me, and I learned several things during my brief conversation with her.

Once we made it back to my house, BFF and I made six pillowcases, and left the other six for another day. Here are two of the pillowcases we made today.

Crayon Forest Pillowcase

Playing Cat and Mouse Pillowcase


Loni said...

i like the cat ones very much!

Cheryl said...

BFF said you would like that set. :)

Anonymous said...

The pictures, as usual, don't do them justice. They were so fun to make!!


Laurie said...

I really like this whole idea of the pillowcases. How much yardage do you use? I have so much "whimiscial" fabric that I have collected over the years that would be perfect. It seems if someone is sick that a bright & cheery pillow case would help the spirit.