Thursday, December 30, 2010

What a Time Saver!

I went to JoAnn's  today to spend a gift card I received for Christmas.  I was hoping to purchase a new iron since mine stopped working the other night, but alas, they were sold out due to the sale.  

I went over to the quilting area to get a new Underthimble when my BFF showed me that quilting supplies were 50% off.  I then decided to purchase a Clover Desk Needle Threader since I am currently hand quilting a multicolor cat quilt for Loni.  

I really did not expect the needle threader to work, but it does a great job with my Jeanna Kimball Between/Quilting #10. I am currently sitting here with six needles threaded, each in a different color.  I quilted for hours today and this little threader saved me so much time. 

There have been many days when I could not see well enough to thread my needles and after about 20 minutes I would give up and not quilt.  The little hand threaders were okay, but once again the eye of the needle was too small fo rme to see how to even get the threader in to put the thread in.  

This little desk threader was worth the money at 50% off.  I think I would have had trouble spending $15.00 on it and wouldn't have known how great it is because of the original price.  

It is nice that the threader comes in different colors and that they had green ones.  Guess what color I bought?

BTW: They did not have the Underthimble so I bought a package of ThimblePad, and they worked just fine tonight. 
I am so glad I stopped at the sale.