Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I started these placemats last week and then got wrapped up in researching and buying my new sewing machine and they were left sitting on the table. This afternoon I started preparing the area where I want to place my new machine and decided that I wanted to complete this project so that I would have more space.

Of course, now I realize how cheap and temperamental my old machine is after sewing on the 830.

These are going to be in my fall placemat collection. Blue Ribbon Quilt Shoppe had the "Crayon Forest" collection on their 50% off shelf so I decided to make use of the sale. Now that I have completed the project I have decided that I have lost my taste for muted colors.

Placemat Front

Placemat Back


Loni said...

But I think these are an absolutely gorgeous collection of colors for traditional Autumn.

Anonymous said...

I really like the back of them!

You did good!!