Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Machine has Arrived!

First embroidery on Bernina 830 during class - 7/21/09

I picked up my Bernina 830 last night, July 21, 2009 and had my beginner's class. My instructor's name was Val and she was absolutely wonderful.

The set up is so that you learn on your own machine and she shows you on the shop machine. I have seen other shops teach this machine and they have the owner sit to the side and watch, I feel very blessed that I was able to find Texas Quiltworks thanks to Laurie. They have been wonderful to work with during this purchase, and the quilting class I took there last month.

Val started me out unpacking the boxes so I could have the thrill of opening my purchase myself. (It was exciting.) As I took out each item she would explain what it was and where it belonged. Once the machine was set up and all the parts were around it, she taught me how to clean and maintain the machine. It was wonderful to dig in right away, and helped me not be afraid of the machine just like Val said it would.

We even embroidered last night.

We started at 6:30 and ended after 10:30. I had lots of fun and Val was very patient and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, by the time I got home, and the boys carried the machine in, I was too tired to sew.


Patsy said...

How exciting....we'll talk this weekend!

Catmom5 said...

Wow! You do awesome work!!
Can't wait to meet the new baby on Friday!!

Loni said...

Good now we can look for some fabric for pillowcases for JR - he loves autumn colors.