Friday, July 10, 2009

Bernina 830

Tomorrow I am going for a demo on the Bernina 830. "L" is going with me so that she can make sure I get all my questions answered. We have both been educating ourselves this week.


Anonymous said...

What did you think of the sewing machine?

Loni said...

With the right software engineering, I think you could hook that sucker up to the internet with your favorite quilt/fabric shop and have the thing order stuff for you. The *only* downside that I saw to it was that it's default measurements are in metric and there doesn't seem to be a switch to allow use of US measurements. Of course, that could be fixed with a software change too :) This machine can provide hours of entertainment just getting to know how to use it.. and that's just on scrap fabric whilst learning. I think it will bring lots of JOY into other "real" project work from pillow cases to quilts, place mats to coasters.