Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Bricks Around The World"

I finally started on the flannel frayed edge "Bricks Around the World" quilt that I bought the fabric for over a year ago when I knew absolutely nothing about making a quilt. I had signed up for my beginning quilting class and on the sign up day I noticed a frayed edge quilt on the wall. I immediately found a book in the used book store and went and bought fabric to make one, along with the special scissors my quit instructor mentioned when I asked her about the quilt on the wall. Of course, then I became intimidated by the idea and the fabric has been sitting on the shelf ever since then.

Now that I know more about color, prints etc., I wish I had waited on purchasing the fabric, and ordered it from one of the quilt stores up north that have larger selections of flannels. I bought mine at a chain fabric store here in Texas, and they did not have a very good selection in a range of light and dark prints.

Since this quilt is for my oldest son I thought I better get started on it since I am hand quilting the one I am making for my youngest son. I decided to make the bricks a little larger so I can have a bigger quilt for the size of my son, and he helped me work out the ratios. I began cutting the fabric Sunday night, and I did the sandwiching last night while watching television.

The pattern is from "Frayed Edge Fun: 10 Cozy Quilts" by Evelyn Sloppy. Here is a picture of my stack of rectangles and squares (my youngest always reminds me that a square is a rectangle), and the page from the book. I am hoping to start putting the fabric to the sewing machine tonight.

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Loni said...

It's like knitting, you don't know the joys of a LYS (local yarn store) and all the goodies they have compared to chain craft stores until you learn more and go to a LYS.