Sunday, July 3, 2011

So Far Behind

This poor blog is way out of date.  I am going to try to catch it up a little and then put it back in the regular schedule for blogging.

There was not a lot of quilting going on this past spring since I had shoulder surgery, but the piecing is starting to pick up a little, I was able to start hand quilting again last night, and I have high hopes I will be machine quilting again by September. 

Even though I haven't been able to quilt as much lately, it is never far from my mind.  Hence, this little snippet from my surgery day, March 14, 2011:

From: Loni's Blog with comments from me in Italics.
1:10pm - The anesthesiologist came in to do his pre-op questions, shoot her up with happy juice, and the nerve block shot in her neck (I was out of the area for that part). Shortly, thereafter, the happy juice kicked in and Mama's mind was struggling to stay connected I think; as she alternately dozed off a bit and had interesting commentary about how the pattern in the ceiling tile would make a nice quilt square; Very stark pattern with vibrant colors would be a great pattern. to not buy her any ugly towels that were apparently a hideous combination of red and blue;No they were beige with blue and red squares very ugly and cheap looking,  that the picture was so pretty (which turned out to be one in her mind because all we had was beige hospital curtains); just swirling pretty colors, and a neat orange substance (also in her mind) that was like blown glass, but flexible like plastic and very interesting.. i wonder vaguely if she will recall any of this? That was the best of all very artsy fartsy orange bubblish substance that could be molded.  

Surgical Prep Cubicle Ceiling Tile - Would make Nice Stark Quilt Pattern

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