Friday, February 11, 2011

Cat's Pajamas, Two

I finally finished Mina's quilt.  It is a fat quarter quilt designed by Sam J. Lamoreaux of The Quilters Workshop called Cat's Pajamas, Two. 

This is probably the only picture I will get of it.  The youngest tried to hold it up for me today, but it was too heavy for him to be able to hold it for a picture.  

The borders and backing are of the same leaf patterned flannel, and I sandwiched it with batting.  It will be extra warm on days like we have been having lately.  Probably should have left the batting out, but I didn't like the feel without it. 

I did not do a lot of quilting on this one because of its weight. I stitched in the ditch along the sashings, and down the main seams in each block.  A five time repeated heart went in the middle of each block, and I randomly outlined some of the leaves in the border.  

I hope Mina and Stan enjoy their quilt.  

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Loni said...

Congratulations on finishing another piece of quilted art that will be well loved I'm sure.