Sunday, July 3, 2011

Makes My Eyes Dizzy Project

Two years ago I started out to make this quilt for Loni.  The problem was I just did not like some of the fabrics, so I kept putting that particular project box back on the shelf.

The other night I realized that this quilt was the only project I had that was ready to piece, so I decided to just to go for it.  I took out the fabrics I hated, cut a few more of the ones I liked okay, and set about laying out the blocks.  

When I started this project, Loni told me she liked bright juvenile fabrics, and Loni loves her cat, so I ordered two jelly rolls that Laurie showed me on line that were bright and had cats, and then added some other fabrics that coordinated to use as the honey bun part of the pattern.

Lord have mercy this quilt is bright!  My camera's auto focus went crazy when I tried to take a picture of it on the design board.  

Loni's Bright Quilt.  Pattern: "Twigs" by Me and My Sister Designs

I have found and equally bright and colorful backing fabric with cats.  She will probably have to wear sunglasses to use this quilt and still end up with a migraine, but it does meet her criteria of bright, juvenile fabrics. 

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