Monday, April 6, 2009

Cat Quilt Back

I started working on the back of the cat quilt. I am making the back another quilt so that BFF will have a choice.

I am using a pattern called "Fat Quarter Breeze" from the Spring 2009 Fons&Porters Love of Quilting "Easy Quilts" magazine for the main part of the back, then I will be playing around with the border when I get the blocks done.

One thing about it, the back of the quilt will be the side BFF will want to use when she needs something to wake her up.

I have finished the first two blocks and hope do finish another one tonight after I make a large quantity of chicken salad and deviled eggs for a party tomorrow night.

First Two Blocks of Cat Quilt Back


Anonymous said...

Where is the purple Laurel Burch?

I love it!!

tortugaquilter said...

Demanding aren't you. Purple Laurel Burch is in the top right of photo. Remember 9 shapes, 12 fabrics, you must be patient.

Anonymous said...

Oh. OK. I just wanted to make sure you did not forget the LB fabric!


Loni said...

i like it! it's bright and cheery; and with the green it reminds me of the quilter.

Anonymous said...

OK - where are the 7 squares???????????????

Guess I'll have to wait until Saturday. :-)

tortugaquilter said...

I can either work on your quilt, or I can spend my time taking pictures and putting them on the blog.

Your punishment for impatience - you will play Quirkle on Saturday.