Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Are My Thimbles Flying?

I recently purchased three new thimbles, all different brands, all the same size, and all just a little snug.

I have quilted with all three this week and have just been stitching right along and quite happy with each thimble. It is the first time I have actually had thimbles that felt good on my finger and seemed to actually help me quilt. I have been patting myself on my back for making such great choices.

Because the quilting has been going so well this week I was really looking forward to quilting tonight, so imagine my surprise when I put one of my new thimbles on and went to pick up my needle and the thimble went flying across the room. Okay, so I must have been a little more enthusiastic than I thought when picking up the needle.

Rather than getting up and picking up the thimble, I put on another of my three new thimbles. It fell off. I put it back on, it fell off.

I put on my third new thimble. It stayed on, but felt loose. I started quilting. It was awkward. The thimble was too loose. I had to hold my hand odd to keep the thimble on. I could not figure out what was going on.

I got out one of my old thimbles. It fell off.

I finally had to give up quilting for the night.

I guess I am going to have to pick up some thimbles in a smaller size so that when my fingers are having "thin" days I can quilt.

It is very frustrating when your thimbles fly.


Anonymous said...

The strangest things happen to you! I'm so glad you have a blog as I would never known about this syndrome - Flying Tembles.

Does the AMA know about this?


Cheryl said...

Aren't you concerned that I might have some rare disease that makes my fingertips waste away? Your lack of concern hurts me Catmom.

You better be careful it might be an illness that makes me give out other people's passwords. :)

Deborah said...

put on a band aid and then put the thimble on.

tortugaquilter said...

Yes, you are not the first wonderful kind person to give me that hint. So now I must confess a phobia. I hate bandaids. Hate them. I have been known to sit holding pressure with a paper towel on a cut for an hour to keep from putting a bandaid on.

I solved my problem the other day by going to JoAnn's and buying thimbles in all the sizes I don't have. Now it just switch back and forth depending how bad my fingertip wasting disease is that day. Are you feeling guilty yet Catmom5.

Thanks for the suggestion Deborah. I appreciate the thought.