Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lesson Learned re Traveling/Quilting

Spring Break, 2009, was really the first vacation I have taken since I started quilting. The one thing I did not do when preparing for my trip was to research quilt stores in the areas I would be traveling through. Therefore, I only found one, and it was by accident. I saw it on the highway as we were going to Arkansas, and told the boys that we would be stopping there on the way back, and we did.

The store is called Sew Fantasy Quilts and Fabrics and is located in Texarkana, Texas. It was a smaller shop than some of the ones in this area, but they had some beautiful fabric in stock, and the quilts on the walls were very nice. I was not in the market for any fabric, but I did need some new needles.

I purchased 3 vials of Jeana Kimball's and Foxglove Cottage Betweens/Quilting size 10, a safety thimble, and one of those gel thimbles that seem so popular now in green (of course).

The boys got tickled by the sexy fireman fabric they had on sale. I had seen the camping one, but not the firemen. Of course, the youngest knew about this fabric from the article he had read in one of my quilting magazines.

The ladies in this shop were very nice, and I enjoyed talking to one of the customers.

I am glad I at least got to go to one shop while I was on vacation. I have already added a quilt shops list to my list of things that I must have when I go on vacation.

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Loni said...

oh, you've got the bug alright! I do the same thing researching for the Local Yarn Shop (LYS) in whatever area I may be traveling.

Even have M always on the lookout when we are traveling together which is how we ended up at Strings & Things in Hanalei, Kauai