Sunday, March 22, 2009

Progress on Turtle Quilt

I took the turtle quilt on Spring Break vacation with me and finished quilting four blocks. All the interior blocks are completed and I am now working on the outside blocks.

I was excited to get so much done.

I did not quilt every night, because some nights I was just too tired, plus I wanted to read on the new Wally Lamb book "The Hour I First Believed."

The recliner at the rental house was perfect for quilting. The lighting was not great, but I loved the chair. It was wider than the one I have at home, and there wasn't a big metal wire sticking out of once side so it was easier to manipulate the quilt in my lap.

I had hoped to finish this quilt by the end of March. I know believe it will be the end of May before I can finish it, but that is okay. I am happy with my progress, and since my BFF is being so patient about her quilt, there is no stress. Isn't that how it should be with a hobby?

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