Friday, January 9, 2009

Projects to Finish/Upcoming Projects

I have three projects to finish:

1. Make the back to my Blooming Nine Patch, press it, dethread it, and take it in for quilting
2. Finish quilting turtle quilt. 5 blocks completed. Hand quilting, so it takes a while
3. Finish designing and make the back to the Cat Quilt, sandwich, and start hand quilting

Upcoming projects:

1. Make another "good luck" money holder.
2. Secret project
3. Christmas table runners

I hope to complete the turtle quilt by the end of February. The cat quilt must be done by October, if not sooner.

I just need to set aside a day to ready the Blooming Nine Patch for quilting, probably after the oldest goes back to school.

I am going to complete the money holder before Tuesday, January 13th.

The Christmas table runners will probably be an assembly line project as I would like to make several for gifts.

The secret project is going to require quite a bit of designing and planning on my part.

I just hope I can complete all of the projects listed above before December 25th, 2009.


Patsy said...


You have been a busy bee since I was at your house in June. Great job! Love the turtle batik.

You'll have to come over here sometime, and we'll hit the quilt shops in this part of the Metroplex.


Loni said...

HaHaHa... you have joined the ranks of Multiple Works In Progress (WIP's) or UnFinished Objects (UFO's).... Now you can see how I can have so many projects on knitting needles at any given time ;) Because sometimes you get a project to a certain point and then another high priority project interjects.. or because you need to put Project A on hold before you tear all your hair out and do something easy like baby booties. Love all your projects in work. Hugs, L