Monday, January 12, 2009

"Manly" Gift Card/Money Holder

M's husband wanted a gift card/money holder like the one I made M for Christmas, only in a manly design. The only problem was I didn't have any manly fabrics except the flannel leftovers from the "Brick Around the World" quilt. I decided to go ahead and try the flannel and then if it did not work out I would go to the fabric store.

First step, find out his favorite colors and interests: Brown and Blue/ex-Marine

Next step, decide which blue and brown flannels I might use.

Those steps completed I decided to try and make a holder using denim and brown flannel. Big failure. Too thick to fold the flap over.

Today I put two of the brown flannels together with a flannel batting and tried again. Success. I wasn't able to hand quilt it, but I was able to use my machine to quilt along the lines, and make a little "x" in the blank spaces. There was one place where the fabric was too thick and I had a little bunching of the thread, but all it all I am pleased with the results.

The completion of this project takes off one of the projects on my upcoming project list.

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Anonymous said...

It looks very manly. I'm sure he will enjoy it!