Thursday, November 20, 2008

Learned a Lesson

OK, I learned a lesson tonight.

I have the turtle quilt sandwiched, basted, and on the frame.

When I bought the backing I bought some really cool thread that the woman at the shop told me I could quilt with as long as I used this stuff called "Thread Heaven." Well, she was wrong. I have completed one block and it has been a disaster.

I should have quit with the first spiral, but I kept thinking I just needed to get the feel of the thread down, but no. It is just too thick.

I admit I know nothing about thread. This is labeled 40/3 and I really thought it looked too thick, but she assured me it would work, even though she admitted she did not do a lot of hand quilting.

I'm so disgusted with the results that I am going to pick it out and start over with a different thread. I have some 200m Cotton I am using on another quilt, but I am afraid to start a second one with it in case I can't find that color and won't have enough to finish the other quilt. I am no judge of how far a spool of thread will go and how many projects it will cover.

I guess I will be going on a thread shopping trip tomorrow after I do a little research.

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Loni said...

Poor you.. sounds like me when I am working on knit project and am worried that I didn't purchase enough skeins in the dyelot to complete my project.