Friday, November 7, 2008

Cat Quilt Top Complete

I have completed the top of the cat quilt. It has been a challenge because I forgot one of the rules my quilting teacher told us, do not use a stripe in a border. Not only did I use a stripe, but I used a wavy stripe. Fortunately, a wonderful employee of Quilt Country took a look at the top for me and told me about some techniques I might try and around midnight Wednesday I came up with my own technique to try to match the sides borders to make them long enough. I just wish had figured it out before I redid the one border six times trying to get it close to meeting my approval. The border is far from perfect, but they will have to do or the quilt will never be done.

I am very excited about the backing. I'm still working on the exact design, but I am very happy with the fabric selections.

When you look at the pictures, just remember that I alternated the panels so that no matter what end Jill is sitting at she can see some of the great cat pictures in the panels.

I wish I had a better way to take pictures of the quilt tops. These pictures really do not do it justice.

Whole quilt top.

Close up pics of a couple of the sections of the cat quilt.


Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen!!!!!!!!! You are awesome!!!!!

tortugaquilter said...

You my friend are completely prejudiced when it comes to this quilt. Flattery is accepted, but it will not get it completed any faster. Sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I am prejudiced but it IS the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. That is not flattery. That is a FACT!!

Now hurry up!!