Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Began Working on BFF Jill's Cat Quilt

My BFF Jill is a cat lover. She is also a huge fan of Laurel Burch. I found a great deal on some Laurel Burch kits, but they were very small panels more like a small wall hanging. The kits came with the panel, batting and backing. I bought 3 kits, some sashing and border material, and batting. I went into EQ6 and played around with a design and I came up with something I like.

Tonight I started putting the sashing on the sides of the panels. I am very pleased with the color of sashing material I found. The side sashings are going to be wider than the top and bottom sashings. Also, I am alternating how the panel between upright and upside down because I want her to be able to see the cats no matter which end she pulls up on her when she pulls the quilt on.


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I printed off several pages of my quilt to send to my Girly Soldier! I also told her about your blogspot so she can come look around too!!