Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tree Farm Quilt - 2 Generations Make One Quilt

I helped my aunt finish a quilt she was making for her sister after she became ill this year and was not feeling up to finishing it before Christmas. She had the front pieced except for a couple of the outer borders.  She made the quilt bigger than the kit called for, so the back then became a quilt of its own with borders.  It is a gift for her sister, my other aunt. 

The quilt pattern was in a Thimbleberries kit called Tree Farm by Lynette Jensen.

Front of Quilt

Back of Quilt

Random leaves were followed on one of the narrow borders on the front.  They do not show up on the front, but make a nice top an bottom border on the back.

Used a template and a Frixion pen on the center panel to create the feel of hills behind the trees.
Wide outer border quilted in a pattern to resemble abstract Christmas Trees.

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Loni said...

and a 3rd generation helped to clamp it to the table to pin it and was kind enough to be the tall body to hold the heavy quilt for its photo session. It turned out great!