Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bright Cat Quilt

I purchased the pattern and the fabric to make this quilt for Loni 2-3 years ago.  I actually had the colors all laid out on the design wall at one time and took it down.  Every time I started to work on it, something felt wrong about it. 

Then Loni's life changed.  She moved in with me in the late Spring and then this summer I became serious about finishing this quilt. Today I finally completed the quilt, all that is left is the label tomorrow night. 

Even though I finished piecing the top and sandwiching it in July, I couldn't start quilting it until I knew what felt right in the design.  I finally decided to free hand/free motion hearts, flowers, and swirls.
  • The hearts represent all the love in Loni's life. 
  • The flowers represent many things:
    • How I want Loni's life to always be filled with beauty
    • How she has continued to bloom and blossom even in the hard times
    • To remember her African Violets and how even though they had a tough tumble they continue to thrive.
  • The swirls represent all the twists and turns of life.  Some of the swirls are really big and some are small, but they all lead to a heart or a flower, to remind Loni that no matter what life gives her she will always be loved and she can thrive.
I don't think I was meant to make this quilt until now.  This quilt will go to Loni's beautiful new home this week.  

The pattern is by Me and My Sister Designs and is called Twigs.

Bright Cat Quilt Front
Bright Cat Quilt Back
Bright Cat Quilt Front and Back

Bright Cat Quilt Front Close Up

Quilting on Bright Cat Quilt

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