Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bad Television = Very Little Quilting

Since I don't take my lessons on machine quilting until next week, I am still doing all my quilting (not piecing) by hand.

I need entertainment while I am hand quilting. Television is horrible now that all the season finales are over, and all that is on is reruns, or horrible shows I can't even use for background noise. (No cable here, so very little selection.)

Over the weekend I finished four blocks on the turtle quilt because I watched the rest of the "7th Heaven" dvds that my sons gave me for my birthday. Television series are the best to quilt to because you can quilt for an episode and then go off and do something else. With a movie it is hard to find a good breaking place. it is hard on my hands to quilt for the length of a movie without a break.

The boys and I stopped at EntertainMart Monday night and I looked for something on sale and interesting to watch. The only thing they had I was interested in was "Nip Tuck." A series I have not seen, but I have heard a lot about. I bought the first season of the dvds. However, now everyone tells me that it is a little to racy to watch with the youngest in the room, so I am going to have to wait until they leave on their trip to watch those episodes and quilt.

That leaves me back with only movies. I've decided that I will put in a movie I have already seen several times to keep me entertained, but that I won't mind stopping when I need a break. Not as good as something new, but at least it will get me back to the quilting I need to get done before August.

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