Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fall Table Runner Completed July 8, 2012

I finally finished my fall table runner that I have had in queue since 2009.  I machine pieced it, but it has been completely hand quilted.

I had a lot of fun quilting the two birds on the table runner. 

Quilting the wheat gave me great joy, especially after I figured out a rhythm to the stitching. 
At used dark brown for the first pumpkin stitching, but quickly ripped it out and used black.

DONE! And yeah! it held up in the wash.

It still needs ironing, but since it will be stored until the fall, that can wait.

A close up of the leaves.  I swear it they were reproducing the entire time I was quilting.

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Loni said...

Love it! Hmm.. maybe I should tackle quilting your placemats to avoid depression that I fear is headed my way with UTD back to school days.