Saturday, February 13, 2010

Turtle Quilt Update

I am finally on the last border of the Turtle Quilt. It is off the frame and back into the hoop. There is still a lot to do. This is a wide border and there is a lot of details to quilt.

I have been working on it so much that my fingertips are numb and they wake me up at night tingling. The other night I woke up and I was trying to pull my thimble off my finger, even though I had taken my thimble off hours before.

I do dread the fact that it going up to the dorm room when it is finished and taking on that dorm room smell, but I did make it for my youngest.

My goal is still to be finished by the end of February.

1 comment:

Loni said...

But it's sooooo pretty and truly a work of love!