Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Started on the Quilt for Sis

I started on the quilt I am making for Sis. When completed I will have used 170 different fabrics, if you include the black and the backing. I do not know at this time how the blocks will be sewn together upon completion. Right now I am just putting them on the design board as I complete each block.

The pattern is called "Nickel Bricks" and is from the book "Loose Change" by Claudia Plett and Le Ann Weaver.


Catmom5 said...

As usual the quilt in person is a thousand times prettier than the picture! This is a very elegant, stylish quilt. Just like the receipent!

Loni said...

Yes so far is very pretty... and I like Catmom's fabrics for the quilt she is doing too. Looking forward to seeing my quilt up on the board someday ;) I need to start working on afghans as others are lusting over your Entrelac in Greens afghan.

Catmom5 said...

I'm lusting too!!