Saturday, November 7, 2009

Great Feature

Thousands of Bolts have added a wonderful feature to their website. It is called the color matcher.

It is really easy to use. You pick out a fabric you like, click the Color Matcher link, and then click any where on the fabric. The box next to the fabric will fill with the color you clicked on and then you click on the button that says "search for this color" and you will receive a display of other fabrics that match the color you chose.

This is a terrific feature for me as I often am unable to tell on my computer screen if two fabrics really go together or not. I have played with it a couple of times tonight picking odd colors etc. and I have not found any flaws with this feature except that it does not print out cash to pay for all the fabrics I fell in love with while color matching.

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Loni said...

fabric addiction is like fiber addiction...