Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Turtle Quilt #1

My youngest and I both love turtles. His turtles are live pets, and my turtles are a collection containing figurines, clocks, dishes, etc. that I have been collecting since elementary school.

My aunt from Tucson visited us recently and brought me a fat quarter with a turtle design that I loved. On a visit to a quilt shop we found a bolt of the same fabric. I bought a yard and another fabric that went with it plus fabric for sashing, still not sure what exactly I would be doing with the fabrics.

The next day we went to another quilt shop and I found the perfect border material and some fabric for setting squares.

When we came home we started thinking about what design we could use. We decided I should pick a pattern that would show off the fabric. I started going through my books and found one I thought would work. Then I had my son scan the fabrics into my EQ6 program and started designing the quilt. Once I had it designed we decided we did not like the setting squares and we went with smaller borders inside the bigger one. Here is the final design:

Here are the fabrics:

9 inch squares will be in these two patterns:

The sashing will be in the dark green:

The smaller borders will be in the dark green and the following two fabrics:

The outside border will be this fabric:

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